Fruits, Vegetables & Superfoods

Papaya, Banana, Apple, Peach, Pear,
Cauliflower, Carrots

Camu Camu, Chia,
Mangosteen, Purified Water (to hydrate protein)

Tips / How to Prepare

Iguaçu Smoothie

-Pop all seven cubes in a blender.

-Add one cup with your favorite milk. We prefer almond or oat milk. 

-Blend it for 30 seconds or until it reaches the right texture.

*None of our smoothies has artificial sugar or sweetener, so if you or your kids like a little sweeter, we recommend adding ½ banana.

Iguaçu Bowl

-Pop all seven cubes in a blender

-Add ½ cup of favorite milk, 

-½ cup of frozen mangos.

-One frozen banana. 

-Garnish with your favorite fruits and granola if desired.

Nutrition Facts