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The Benefits of Smoothies



What exactly are smoothies? Well, smoothies are this beautiful, creamy,  cold mix of different fruits and vegetables. They differ from the juices a lot. Juice usually is one, maybe two fruits in a liquid way. Smoothies are thicker and, in my opinion, more delicious.


There are many benefits to have a smoothie as an option for breakfast,  snack, or even dinner. To start with, you can blend a wider variety of fruits, which will give you different vitamins and minerals from various sources. You also have the option to add some vegetables without even really tasting them. Because of this, they can be a fantastic choice to trick picky eaters into eating or even adults that don’t like vegetables a whole lot. 


One thing I love about smoothies is their practicality. When I am running late, which is quite often, I can make a quick smoothie and be out the door in no time.  Or if  I made breakfast for everyone and got so busy cleaning and doing other things that I forgot to eat, they can come to rescue me without having to go for some processed, empty food. 


With smoothies, I can make them more filling or not. All I do is add extra pea protein or/and half banana, and voila, it became a super meal. Not always, I do that. If we go to the beach or biking and come back at lunchtime hungry, I do a lite one, and we are ok waiting for the food to be ready without grabbing whatever food we find. 


One last thing with smoothies is that you also can mix some superfoods on powder form that we hear so much about it,  but having them by itself could have a strong and weird taste. Some of these more unique superfoods have incredible benefits, like green spirulina that helps with heavy metals, but this is a talk for another day. 


Well, as you can see, we are big fans of smoothies over here. We can have it every day without getting tired. 


To finish, I want to share my perfect acai bowl. All you need is:


One Amazonas frozen smoothie

One frozen banana

½ cup milk


Blend all together,  put in a bowl, add some granola on top, and you are good to go. Sometimes I cut some strawberries and some blueberries too, but that is me.

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