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May 18, 2017by byteio_admin0

What are Superfoods?



What exactly are superfoods? In my mind, they are just some fruits or vegetables that are packed with extra vitamins, protein, and calcium like blueberries.  Even though they sure are loaded with them, it’s not only that.”

According to Wikipedia, “superfood is a marketing term for food claimed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density. Even without scientific evidence of exceptional nutrient content, many new, exotic, and foreign fruits or ancient grains are marketed under the term – or superfruit or super grain respectively – after being introduced or re-introduced to Western markets.”

Superfood is claimed to be that extra compliment that we add to our food, frozen smoothies, to make them even more nutritious. That extra healthy step gives your body the nutrients and energy boost it needs to get through the day and make life easier for you.

Some claimed superfoods are easy to find like, beans, nuts, sweet potatoes, and kale. Some are in powder or dried. Yes, they are still made from vegetables and fruits, but it might be too hard to get them if they were not in these options.

An ideal diet is largely plant-based, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Superfoods might be a good entry into healthy eating, and understanding the nutritional value of the food you eat can be enlightening. Still, there are lots of healthy foods out there to explore, even if no one is calling them “super.”

Superfoods are always on the go with us. We have them in all our smoothies cubes. They give that extra boost of vitamin C, B12, and Calcium. We say yes to all superfoods!

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